• L-arginine patches

    L-arginine patches

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L-arginine patches - 30x

Brand: PYH
Packaging: 30 patches
Ingredients: 100% natural L-arginine

Extra volume discount:
* 2 packages: 5% discount
* 3 packages: 10% discount
* 4 packages or more: 15% discount

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€ 29,95

Patch Your Health - L-arginine patches 

- 100% Natural Ingrediënts
- Non Addictive
- Slow Release (up to 24 hours*)
- High Bioavailibility

The major benefit of the patch is that it has a much better bioavailability (4 times higher) then an oral product. Each patch is designed to be worn for up to 24 hours. Each patch should be worn a minimum of 8 to 10 hours. We recommend that a new patch be applied to dry skin upon waking and can be taken off before bed. *But they can wear the patch for a full 24 hours. The patch begins to be absorbed after 30 minutes of application. No peaks occur due to a sudden high dose. Therefor the effect is longer and more even. The user can mix and match patches of different types and no more than 3 patches should be worn of the same type at a time.

That depends on your complaint. You can apply the patch in the morning f.i. after a shower and / or in the evening before going to sleep. It's wise to vary the spot in some cases people encounter some degree of skin irritation.

It is best to stick the patch on a painful area and otherwise on one pleasant place, eg on your hip. Do you use the patch especially at night then the hip is also a good place, because you can continue in other places "twisting" the plaster off. If your skin is a bit oily then we advise to clean the piece of skin before sticking on. This makes the patch stick better. Please note the patches are not water resistant!

Incidentally, the possibility of side effects can actually only be called significant at higher doses of the amino acid. At low doses like our patches you could call the risks negligible.
Unfortunately, L-arginine can indeed have a number of less pleasant effects. For example, in addition to the aforementioned herpes outbreaks, it can aggravate allergic reactions to other substances, or symptoms of asthma. And although L-arginine is used successfully in the fight against cardiovascular disease, it is not recommended to give extra L-arginine to someone who has already had a myocardial infarction. There are indications that the amino acid could increase the risk of a new myocardial infarction. In some cases, users experience an allergic reaction to it the skin (skin irritation). Then stick the patch on a different place or stop using them.

Natural ingredients can enhance or block certain drugs or some medicines. If you are on medication, consult a doctor before using.

NOTE: You should use the patches every day for at least 10 days to draw a conclusion!

  • Transdermal versus oral
  • Transdermal versus oral

    The major benefit of the patch technology is that it has a much better bioavilibility (±4 times higher) then an oral product. Due to the slow release the patch gives a gradual dose over up to 24 hours. No peaks occur due to a sudden high dose. Therefor the effect is longer and more even.
    • high bioavailibility
    • slow release up to 24 hours
    • convenient and cheaper in daily use

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